Dell 4Y Keep Your Hard Drive

Extended service agreement - no drive return (for hard drive only) - 4 years - for Vostro 15 3510, 15 7510, 3501, 5301, 5402, 5502
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Manufacturer Dell
Part number VN_4HD
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    • Manage your sensitive data and assets by keeping your hard drive after a failure
    • You control access and disposal of sensitive data

    Typically, you will be required to return a failed drive under warranty when you receive a replacement. By adding Dell's Keep Your Hard Drive service that requirement is waived, allowing for expanded data control, security and disposal options.

    Retain complete physical control of a failed drive to ensure classified, proprietary or sensitive data is secured. With you in control, you can dispose of the data and hardware-based on your standards. This option enables you to comply with security regulations, protect against civil liability and safeguard your organization from the risks associated with third-party mismanagement.

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